13 May 2014

Paper Journal

Written by Darren Campion
Published 24 April 2014

Patrick Hogan – At The Centre

Although it is a familiar notion that photographers tell stories, this effort is by no means restricted to the simple matter of illustrating a series of events. Instead, the photographer can also appear at the centre of a narrative, the point around which it revolves – a sort of implicit presence that frames the unfolding story as an extension of a singular perspective…..more

Conscientious Photo Mag

Written by Jörg Colberg
Published Nov 8 2012

Still (Book Review)

At some stage over the past two years or so, something happened to photobook making. Things seem to have become considerably more complex, resulting in a flurry of books that have moved way beyond the simple gallery-show-on-paper format. Photographers started to mix colour with black and white, say, or combined seemingly different types of images; images started to move across the spreads….more

The Sunday Times

Written by Cristín Leach Hughes
Published 30 Sep 2012

Still (Exhibition Review)

Hogan lures his viewers in with ghostly scenes of mist-filled roads, faded figures and blurred foliage. He also takes portraits of solitary, pensive sitters: a beekeeper on a bed; a pale-faced woman in a red polo neck near some fruit. This last image is anchored by her impassive, slightly accusing stare….more

Source Photographic Review

Written by Chris Clarke
Published Oct 2012

Patrick Hogan – Known Unknowns

There are some things I know about Patrick Hogan; that he is from and later lived for a period in Tipperary; that his images vary across genre and scale; that he often allows the negatives of his images to sit for some time before printing in order to accumulate dust and marks; that these prints are displayed in a non-linear, ‘loose’ arrangement that doesn’t prioritize any set, standard reading; that he keeps re-arranging, even repeating these images….more


Written by Hannes Wanderer.
Published 2013

Still (Book Review)

Patrick Hogan´s STILL is a faint but intense book. A few people who are close to the photographer or are important are shown in portraits, and there are some nude photographs of a young woman. These images, that sometimes re-appear elsewhere in the book in a cropped, faded or fragmented form are accompanied by landscapes and interiors, dead animals and abstractions….more

The Photobook

Written by Douglas Stockdale.
Published Jan 27 2014

Best Photobooks 2013

Still is a splendid, intriguing photobook, which has been photographed and designed by Patrick Hogan as more of an emotional read. Perhaps similar in experience as listening to a song with a repetition of the melodies. As the title implies, quiet and intimate moments are captured while creating a place that can best be described as ambivalence. The book has an interesting cadence and inclusion of difficult to read interior plates, at times there is the faintest hint of a photographic image and other times on the extreme of darkness, both bordering on illegibility that beguiles me….more

On The Sea Wall

Written by David O’Dwyer
Published Oct 2012

Still (Exhibition Review)

It would be more usual for an artist to be interviewed or his work critically appraised than for some composite of the two, likely missing the very point of each, to be attempted. Nevertheless, upon request, here you have it – a supposed outline of Patrick Hogan’s exhibition “Still” based upon a brief conversation with the artist and cursory look at the (at the time) half-hung exhibition….more

Self Publish, Be Happy

Book Du Jour
Published 2013

Still (Feature)

Still is a work about intimacy with a person and a place and the failure of the photograph to ever truly represent that….more

Indie Photobook Lbrary

Book Feature
Published 2013

Still (Feature)