21 September 2013

Disappearing Opacity

Colin Graham.
Essay from the book ‘Still’.

[…‘Still’ is such a hard-won series of opaque images which reveals, superficially, the fragmentation of the self and the ways in which a life can seem to offer coherence of vision and then withdraw it, just as all is about to mean as a whole. But ‘Still’ is much more than this. It sees people, acquaintances, a lover, landscapes. It refuses to wash the palette of the world with the same colour, for the sake of visual and metaphysical coherence. Instead it perceives moments at which the sense of being is formed through the act of seeing, and it knows and accepts that these moments will appear incoherent, even broken…]….more


Known Unknowns

Chris Clarke.
Essay for Source Photographic Review, Issue 72.

[…In revisiting and returning to the images, Hogan complicates Barthes’ dichotomy to emphasise the tension between the initial moment of taking the photograph and the deliberation over how they affect and impact upon one another…]….more

The Visible and the Invisible

Photographic Works by Patrick Hogan, Ailbhe Ní Bhriain and David Creedon

Written by Valérie Morisson
Space, Intermediality, and the Visual Arts.
Published 2014

[…The three series of photographs under scrutiny waver between the documentary and the poetic, between realism and the imaginary. The result of long projects and research, they visually condense the experience of exile: they picture abandoned houses, or ruins, which testify to Irish emigration and to the scars it has left in the landscape as well as in people’s minds…]…more


David O’Dwyer
Published 2012

[…The “capture” holds pride of place in photography’s vernacular and understanding of itself.  In essence, the idea is of arresting a moment from time’s passing; to photograph is ostensibly to seize a moment, a scene, which persists unnaturally in a detailed, realistic, visual form following the event.  As early photography progressed the shadowy figure operating the camera was unveiled and the discipline became aware that the photographer’s intentions and choices brought a lot to bear on the supposed objectivity of the mechanical camera’s images…]…more


Gallery Of Photography Press Release
Solo Exhibition and Book Launch 2012

[…Patrick Hogan’s partly autobiographical photographs present an intimate view of his everyday encounters and surroundings in a remote area of County Tipperary where he has lived for the past two years. His compelling portraits, dense still lives, brooding interiors and pensive landscapes convey a sense of uncertain anticipation and quiet foreboding. Though modest and focused in geographical scope, Hogan’s powerful images explore expansive existential themes of love, fragility, decay and loss…]…more